How Do You Write a Letter to Inform?

A letter to inform is useful to let the recipient know information about a certain issue, topic or event. Letters to inform can be about a wide variety of topics. They can be simple office memos that explain policies or procedures, professional letters offering a position or informing the recipient of the loss of a position, or personal letters to family members detailing an event. Writing a letter to inform can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the amount of material covered.

  1. Keep it simple

    State the covered topic at the beginning of the letter in a direct manner. Express the message and any relevant information at the beginning of the letter. Avoid any unnecessary details so the central message remains clear.

  2. Remain in the moment

    Material that can be covered though further contact or personal communication should be kept out of an initial information letter. Important information relating to the matter such as dates or tasks that need to be taken care of immediately should be clearly presented to avoid confusion.

  3. Include contact information

    For questions about the material included or tasks that may be necessary afterward, include contact information for the recipient.