How Do You Write a Journal Entry?

To write a journal entry, choose a time and a place and simply start writing. Journals can take on many forms and can be comprised of writing, sketches and drawings.

The purpose of a journal is to reflect. Those reflections can be on daily life or on a specific topic or area of study. Writers may include feelings, events of the day, observations, thoughts, ideas, interests and notes. They may choose a free-written form or stick to a stricter set of guidelines that include descriptions, reflections and supplementary material.

Writers may find it helpful to time their writing efforts with a timer. Having a set time period to work with can help make the writing process less intimidating. Writes can also pick set times of day and places for writing. If they require peace and quiet, they may want to find a place and time where they will not be disturbed. Some writers may find it helpful to carry their journals around with them and write entries as inspiration or ideas strike.

Journals are often assigned as coursework in college courses. Teachers and professors may allow students to use free-form writing in their learning journals or may assign a specific topic or structure. Some may also outline a time criteria or schedule for entries.