How Do You Write a Homecoming Speech?

A homecoming speech follows the same basic etiquette for other speech writing. According to Forbes, a good speech has “two or three takeaways” that make it memorable.

A homecoming speech typically opens or closes a traditional festivity at a high school parade, game or formal ball. Forbes encourages all speeches to have a structure and focus, including speeches for high school events. As Forbes notes, “When you write, come out swinging.” It is important to use limited public speaking time wisely by organizing a homecoming speech that engages and entertains guests.

A homecoming speech may have one special story or quote to share with the group. It is also acceptable to repeat an important point to ensure that guests have understood the purpose of the speech by the end. Quote Garden offers a variety of homecoming-related phrases to inspire guests. Whether sports-related or formal, a homecoming speech reflects on a variety of positive memories. For this reason, Forbes recommends telling a personal anecdote or sharing a joke to add a human touch to the speech. It is effective to use smooth transitions within the speech and retain attention with carefully selected dramatics or visuals. It is most important for a homecoming speech to be brief.