How Do I Write a Church Welcome Letter?

Write a warm church welcome letter to give new parishioners attending your services for the first time. Include important information to help them decide if your church will fulfill their spiritual needs. Use the letter to thank the recipient for attending the church, share the church's mission and list any special events or groups that might interest the recipient.

  1. Begin by thanking the recipient

    Start out the letter by thanking the recipient for attending your church services. Offer a warm invitation to return for any additional services, including upcoming holiday events, listing the days and times of them.

  2. Share the mission of your church

    Offer a brief history of the church, including when it was established and by whom. Share the spiritual mission of the establishment, including any special doctrines or bible passages your faith is strongly based upon.

  3. List any special groups or events

    List any special groups your church offers, such as marital retreats, youth groups or gender-based bible studies. Include weekly meetings, as well as annual events, so individuals and families will know if the church will meet specific needs for different members of varying ages.

  4. Close with additional contact information

    Close the letter by reiterating how pleased you are they choose to attend your church. Include contact information to answer any additional questions they may have, including names and numbers for pastors and secretaries, as well as the URL of any official website where they can learn more.