How Do You Write a Character Reference for a Parent Seeking Child Custody?

A character reference letter for a parent seeking child custody should include examples of positive interactions witnessed between the parent and child and justification the child is safe, secure and healthy with the parent, according to J. Hirby for The Law Dictionary. Letters are generally written by a relative or friend or neighbor or co-worker.

When writing a character reference for a parent, think of a list of positive personality traits such as nurturing, caring and loving. Provide specific events or interactions experienced with the parent and child, explains Hirby. For example, write about how the parent volunteers at the child’s school, helps the child with homework, engages in art or sports activities with the child and maintains a healthy home environment. The character reference letter may include personal observations such as the cleanliness of the parent’s home, attentiveness to illnesses and medical conditions of the child or ability to provide nutritious meals.

The character reference letter should also include details about how the letter writer is associated with the parent seeking child custody, according to Steven Carlson for Child Custody Coach. For example, details about how the two met, are related or how long they have known each other adds credibility to the statements provided.