How Do You Write an Analysis of the Book of Job?


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To write an analysis on the Book of Job, look at the book's structure, characters, themes and narrative techniques. Consider how they work together and how they relate to the book's message. The Book of Job begins by explaining that Job is a righteous man. Unfortunately for Job, God allows Satan to test Job's faith. This sets up a fairytale-style story in which an innocent person has hardship forced upon them, but manages to overcome it.

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The Book of Job has a happy ending, in which Job's fortune is restored, and he goes on to live a long life. As Job is tested more and more, he asks God why everything is happening to him and begins to doubt his faith. However, by the end of the book, Job learns how enduring hardships can lead to greater faith and obedience.

Job's situation, in which he is a good man that is forced to suffer, is an example of irony. Further irony occurs in the relationships between Job, his friends and God. The Book of Job examines how events in Heaven can affect life on Earth, but also deals with the theme of human suffering and the ways that people look for its causes. Other themes include God's control and sometimes mysterious motives and the idea that things may not always be as they seem: sometimes bad things happen, but people cannot guess the reasons why.

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