How Do I Write Aims and Objectives?

Writing aims and objectives involves stating the desired long term outcome and steps you plan to take to achieve the outcome.You should start with the desired outcome and break the process down into small tasks that ultimately lead to the desired end.

  1. State the overall purpose

    Start by coming up with the reason you are carrying out the project. Emphasize what is to be achieved but not how it is to be achieved.The aim provides direction to the rest of your project.

  2. Write down the main tasks that help achieve the overall intent

    Write down the main tasks required to achieve your purpose. These tasks forms your objectives. The tasks should be simple, actionable and measurable against a number of factors. They should also be reasonable and able to be completed within a specified period.

  3. Break down the main tasks to small, specific tasks

    Break down the main tasks to specific tasks that need to be carried out. For example, if you plan to do research on the uptake of personal loans amongst subsistence farmers, you need to break it into tasks stating the financial institutions to visit and the questions to ask. Ensure that you are clear and brief.