How Do You Write 49 in Roman Numerals?

In Roman numerals, 49 is written as XLIX. Romans only had 6 numerals: I, V, X, L, C, D and M. To manipulate Roman numerals, one must understand their values and the rules.

  1. Learn the values of Roman numerals

    I is 1. V is 5. X is 10. L is 50. C is 100. D is 500. M is 1000.

  2. Learn the rules

    No numeral appears more than three times in a row. If the numeral to the left is larger, then it is added to the numeral to the right. If the left numeral is smaller, then it is subtracted from the numeral to the right.

  3. Address each place value left to right

    40 is XL. 9 is IX. So 49 is XLIX.