How Do You Wrap a Sari?

There are multiple ways to wrap a sari, the traditional costume worn by Indian women. The most common way is to wrap the fabric around the body in a counter-clockwise direction by making simple pleats. In most cases, one needs a selection of supplies to drape the sari correctly.

Wrapping a sari is a simple process:

Step 1: Gather the materials

The items required for wrapping a sari include the sari material, a fitted blouse, a petticoat and a couple of medium or large safety pins. The petticoat should be floor length and have a drawstring at the waist. The blouse should be tight-fitting and a color that goes well with the sari.

Step 2: Wear the petticoat and blouse

Put on the petticoat and blouse, making sure the petticoat is tightly drawn. Take the sari material, make a couple of pleats, and tuck it on the right side into the petticoat. Wear the shoes when doing this to make sure the length is adjusted correctly.

Step 3: Wrap the rest of the fabric

Wrap the rest of the sari material around the body in a counter-clockwise motion. Drape the remaining material over the left shoulder and secure it with a safety pin to the shoulder of the blouse.