How Would You Project Your Soul From Your Body?


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Astral projection is based on the belief that beings have an astral body, which can separate itself from the physical body and travel in the astral planes of reality. A popular technique for astral projection is the rope technique, in which you enter a state of relaxation and visualize a rope hanging from your ceiling. Visualize pulling yourself upwards with the use of the rope, until you feel yourself exiting the body.

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Astral projection can occur while the physical body is awake, or when it is asleep. In the second case, it is done through lucid dreaming, which means being aware that you are dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be achieved through techniques such as the WILD technique (wake induced lucid dreaming).

The WILD technique requires you to allow your body to fall asleep while keeping your mind awake. You should relax your body until you notice, with your eyes closed, a neural discharge in the form of bright lights and patterns. When you feel the dream state is close, either start to picture a dream scene and shift your awareness into it, or attempt to exit the physical body.

Another efficient way to induce a waking astral projection, according to TheMindUnleashed.org, is the Stretch Out Technique. Relax your body and visualize your feet and then your head becoming an inch longer and returning to the normal size. Gradually increase the distance up to about two feet. You should experience a floating sensation and leave your body.

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