What Would a Drawing of the Tabernacle From Exodus Include?


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A drawing of the tabernacle’s exterior, as described in the 26th chapter of Exodus, would include an outer covering over the top, the sides and around the back, and a screen behind five pillars set on bases in the front. Descriptions of the materials used to make each of these items differ from one version of the Bible to another.

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If the drawing were to include the court, the courtyard would contain a bronze basin and altar and would be fenced in by hanging linen curtains with a linen gate for the entrance. Supporting the linen fence would be 60 pillars, each mounted on its own base.

Drawn from the interior, the tabernacle would include four pillars mounted on bases to support a curtain separating two rooms. The larger room, known as the Holy Place, would contain a table for bread, an incense altar and a lampstand of pure gold.

The smaller room, referred to as the Most Holy, would contain an arc with an item of pure gold known as the mercy seat placed on top. An interior drawing would also show the tent’s inner linen cloth, the panel frames forming its walls and the silver bases supporting the panel frames.

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