How Would You Contrast Civilization Versus Savagery?

Civilization is marked by cultural awareness, advancements in science and industry, and established government based on a common set of values, while savagery is a state of chaos in which there is little to no organization or government and no common set of values. Another way of differentiating civilization from savagery is in the way many scholars and intellectuals, including John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and America's Founding Fathers, believe civilization forms.

In accordance with the social contract theory, they believe that people agree to give up some liberties in order to have the security of organized support and protection in the pursuit of life, liberty and property. Savages, other hand, seek only survival.

Civilizations are also marked by their ability to organize. Organization requires planning, which is another element that is void in savage lifestyles. Savagery very much involves living in the moment and based primarily upon instinct. In this way, a savage way of life much more closely resembles that of other animals. More barbaric aspects of savagery may seem very cruel to those who are accustomed to civilized life in which established laws and judicial systems play a large role in maintaining order. Scholars also agree that savagery either eventually evolves into civilization or dies out entirely.