What Would Cause Someone’s Left Nostril to Constantly Be Blocked?

Nasal polyps can cause a left nostril to be blocked constantly, according to WebMD. Although nasal polyps are usually harmless, they may cause sinus infections if they present the nostrils from draining properly.

Nasal polyps are teardrop shaped growths that develop inside the nasal passage or sinus. Although they are non-cancerous, they can become problematic when they grow too large.

When they prevent the sinuses from draining properly, they cause mucus to gather in one place. This in turn leads to infections, which can be painful. It is important to note that nasal polyps produce the same symptoms as nasal turbinites, which are swellings that are painful to touch and cause blockages.

Most people who have nasal polyps experience a running nose that does not stop. Around 75 percent of people experience a reduced sense of smell, and some may become sensitive to certain odors. People who suffer from this condition usually have allergies.

In addition to causing blockages, they can result in severe sinusitis and damage to the nasal bridge. it is therefore important for people who are suffering with the symptoms of nasal polyps to talk to a doctor. In many cases, doctors can treat them with nasal corticosteroid sprays, but in a few instances the need for surgery arises.