What Is the Word of Faith Church?


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The Word of Faith Church is a Christian religious movement fathered by Kenneth Hagin and his interpretation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and E.W. Kenyon that focuses on the belief that words can manifest objects that the faithful desire. According to Gospel Outreach, these teachings directly contradict many traditional Christian doctrines.

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The Word of Faith Church has several prominent leaders such as Hagin, but is otherwise not formally organized or part of any hierarchy. Because of this, the leaders themselves can have a direct impact on the theology of the church.

This church teaches that its members can manipulate a faith-force to literally create some of the promises of Christian scripture, such as health and wealth for believers. They believe that this faith-force has its own laws, which are separate from the will of the Judeo-Christian God, and that God himself is subject to this force.

Gospel Outreach claims that many Word of Faith Church leaders discard or reinterpret Christian scripture that doesn't suit their religious views. This is typically presented as special revelation knowledge presented to the leader and to no one else, and this results in various leaders of the Word of Faith giving different interpretations of the Bible and different variations of their otherwise shared gospel. Gospel Outreach claims that church followers are encouraged to not question what their leaders say.

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