Why Won't the Water Go Down When the Toilet Is Flushed?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 1, 2020 5:56:13 PM ET

If the water in the toilet does not go down when flushed, the toilet may be clogged. The clog may be completely blocking the pipes.

Clogged toilets can create quite a mess if not fixed quickly. A few steps are necessary to clear it up.

  • Use a plunger.
  • Place a plunger over the hole and push up and down. Wipe up any water that splashes out.
  • Snake the toilet.
  • A plumbing snake can reach down into the pipes. Push the snake down and twist it to remove any debris clogging the pipe.
  • Disassemble the toilet.
  • If the clog still exists, the toilet may have to be removed. The clog might be deeper than can be reached through the toilet.