Who Are Some Women Saints?

Of the most popular saints, several were women. St. Therese, St. Lucy, St. Teresa, St. Cecelia and St. Joan of Arc are saints because of their great deeds or their laudable, holy lives.

St. Therese of Lisieux, best known for her pursuit of holiness in the insignificant details of daily life, was canonized in 1925. St. Lucy died as a persecuted Christian in the early fourth century, betrayed by the suitor she had rejected. She is known as the patron saint of the blind. St. Teresa of Avila is best known for her gift of prayer and the reform she brought to the worldly convents of her time. She was canonized in 1622. Cecelia is considered the patron saint of musicians. She lived during the second and third centuries.

Joan of Arc is known as the patron saint of France and of soldiers. At the age of 17, she heard voices directing her to assist the king of France in regaining his throne from the English and the Burgundians. Her military victories did indeed provide valuable help to the king of France. However, Joan was captured by the enemy, convicted of heresy and burned at the stake. She was canonized in 1920.