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Witness Lee was a Chinese Christian who worked closely with evangelist Watchman Nee in China. When the communists took over the Chinese government in 1949, Witness Lee moved first to Taiwan and then to the United States to preserve and disseminate his teachings and the teachings of Watchman Nee. He founded the Taiwan Gospel Book Room in Taiwan and the Living Stream Ministry in the United States.

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Born in 1905 to peasant parents in northeast China, Lee converted to Christianity when he was 19 years old under the inspiration of a preacher named Peace Wang. After correspondence and meetings with Nee, Lee decided to devote his life to Christian service. He moved to Shanghai, became editor of Nee's magazine, "The Christian," and afterwards traveled extensively around China to preach. During World War II, he was captured and tortured by the Japanese. With the rise of communism, Nee sent Lee to Taiwan to preserve his ministry. In Taiwan, Lee published books and a magazine called "The Ministry of the Word." After moving to Los Angeles, Lee published many books and made world-wide preaching tours. He died of prostate cancer in 1997.

Lee was a prolific writer and lecturer. His published works total over 400 volumes translated into 14 languages. His multivolume work "The Life-study of the Bible" totals over 25,000 pages. He supplied footnotes, outlines and cross-references for a new translation of the Bible called the "Recovery Version," published first in Chinese and then in English. As of 2014, his publishing company, Living Stream Ministry, continues to publish his works and the works of Nee.

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