How Do Wireless Modem Routers Work?

s-cphoto/E+/Getty Images

Wireless modem routers use radio frequency waves to receive data from the Internet or a network and to send data to personal computers. Routers use the same technology as radio, television and mobile phone networks through the use of modem and Ethernet cables. Once a wireless router is properly configured, it can send large amounts of data to multiple computers within a single home or work network.

Setting up a wireless modem router is a very simple process. The Internet data cable plugs into the wireless modem while an Ethernet cable plugs into both the router and a computer. Most routers are packaged with a software disk that has easy-to-follow instructions on the setup process. Once the router is properly configured to recognize and interact with one or more computers, each machine on the network is able to access the Web wirelessly.

Security is a major concern in Internet safety and How Stuff Works suggests that because most routers use a standard, publicly available sign-on screen, it’s a good idea to set usernames and passwords so unwanted intruders do not have access to the network. Typically used in a home setting, password protected routers provide more personal security than those that are left open and available to anyone to use.