How Do You Wire a Three-Speed Fan Switch?

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Wire a three-speed ceiling fan switch by removing the fan bonnet, noting the color of each wire and the number by each connection, and matching the colors to the numbers on the new switch. Purchase replacement switches from a hardware store, and turn off the power at the electrical panel.

Most ceiling fan switches are made of plastic and break easily at the neck where they attach to the housing. Replacing the switch ensures you are able to adjust the fan speed easily. If the fan has a light kit installed, remove the light instead of the bonnet to access the switch. Look for screws in the housing just below the blades to remove the bonnet or light kit. If removing a light kit, loosen the wire connectors that attach the kit to the power inside the housing, and set the light aside.

Use your fingers to loosen the nut outside the housing that holds the switch in place, and pull the switch from inside the housing for better access. Use one end of a straightened paper clip to press into the hole beside each wire, to release it. Press the wire into the corresponding connection on the new switch. It should catch and hold so it does not pull out. Once the wires are connected, push the switch through the hole, and tighten the retaining nut. Reattach the light kit or bonnet to the fan housing.