How Do You Winterize a Pool?

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Winterize a pool by cleaning it, chemically balancing the water to protect the pool from corrosion, shocking the pool, lowering the water level, draining the filter, removing the ladder from the pool and covering the pool with a cover. Winterizing a pool protects it from weather damage.

  1. Check for leaks

    Inspect the pool carefully to ensure that it has no leaks. To check for leaks in an above-ground pool, mark the water level on one side of the pool. Place a bucket full of water next to it. Record the depth of the water in the bucket. Compare the water levels after 24 hours. The water levels for both the pool and the bucket should vary from the original levels by the same amount. A leak exists if the water level of the pool has decreased more than water level in the bucket. Repair leaks before winterizing the pool.

  2. Clean the pool

    Scrub the sides of the pool with a brush. Clean the skimmer and the filter. Vacuum the floor of the pool.

  3. Balance the chemicals in the water

    Adjust the chlorine, the pH level, the total alkalinity level and the calcium hardness of the water to the correct levels.

  4. Shock the pool

    Add a shock product to the water, according to the included instructions. Wait until the product has finished working, and then add an algaecide to the pool. Avoid using both chemicals at the same time. Use a chlorine-free shock product for a pool with a vinyl liner.

  5. Lower the water level

    Lower the water level to around 6 inches below the skimmer level. Never completely drain the pool. Disconnect the skimmer. Drain the pump and the filter. Remove and store the hoses.

  6. Remove the ladder and the accessories

    Take out toys, rafts, the ladder and other pool accessories from the pool. Remove poolside furniture. Clean and store these properly.

  7. Cover the pool

    Place an oversized, waterproof cover or a mesh cover on the pool. Ensure that the cover overlaps on the sides to keep dirt and debris out of the pool.