How Do You Winterize Endless Summer Hydrangea Plants?

Myrna Vick/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Properly winterize your endless summer hydrangea plant by creating a cold-weather cover. This keeps the old wood fresh and ready for flowering. You need mulch, garden stakes, a hammer, a staple gun, oak leaves, a bed sheet and burlap.

  1. Prepare the soil

    Wait until all the leaves on the plant have fallen, then use a rake to prepare the soil by removing any organic material that is cluttering the ground around the plant. Spread a 4-inch thick layer of mulch around the plant. The mulch helps regulate the soil temperature.

  2. Cover the plant

    Place eight stakes equidistant apart in a circle around the plant. Use a hammer to pound them into the soil. Attach burlap to the stakes using a staple gun. The burlap needs to be the same height as the plant. The burlap should cover it completely.

  3. Add oak leaves

    Fill the burlap with oak leaves if you live in an area with extremely cold winters. The oak leaves provide an extra layer of insulation for the hydrangea plant.

  4. Remove the burlap and stakes

    Keep the plant covered until mid-spring, then carefully remove the burlap, oak leaves and stakes. Cover the plant with a bed sheet during the nights until after the last frost to keep the plant protected from the cold.