What Do Wiccans Believe?

Although there is no governing body that determines Wiccan beliefs, the core tenets revolve around the presence of the divine in nature and its polarity, the concept of karma and expressing reverence to the ancestors. Additionally, Wiccans believe that the divine is present in every person.

Wiccans honor and respect the nature because it reflects the Divine. Every part of nature, including plants, animals and rocks, is held to be sacred and worthy of reverence and protection. This belief goes hand in hand with the Wiccans’ passion with regard to environmental issues. Within Wiccan beliefs, the idea of afterlife is seen as a means through which a cosmic payback system that conforms to the Law of Threefold Return is enacted. The reverence toward ancestors is present on account of the communion with the spirit world and is the result of the Wiccan belief that ancestors are watching everyone at all times.

The Wiccans believe in the polarity of the divine, which purports the existence of a god and a goddess that complement one another and bring balance to the universe. The two divinities are often infused with a symbolic quality, whereby the goddess is typically symbolized as the Earth or the moon, while the god is symbolically embodied within the sun. The Wiccans also believe that personal accountability is crucial and that no harm should be done to another individual. However, a believer must be ready to suffer the consequences, whether of magical nature or not, for her actions.