What Are the Wiccan Symbols?

What Are the Wiccan Symbols?

Some Wiccan and pagan symbols include the Hecate, triquetra and pentacle. The cauldron, athame and wand are also Wiccan symbols that represent various aspects of ritual and belief system.

The Hecate is a symbol of Greek origin and is an emblem of the initiatory lunar goddess.

The triquetra is a tripartite symbol composed of three interlocked pointed ovals.The triquetra symbol predates Christianity and is a Celtic symbol of the Goddess.

The pentagram is a five-pointed star commonly associated with Wicca, Ritual magick, Satanism and Masonry. The cauldron symbolizes the womb of the mother goddess.

The athame is a ritual knife and is one of the basic Wicca altar tools. The wand is another alter tool that is used for divination and channeling magickal energy.