What Are Some Wiccan Love Spells?


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There are many Wiccan love spells used for various romantic situations, including the Spell to Heal a Marriage or Relationship, the Wiccan Spell to Increase Libido and the Wiccan White Magick Spell to Get Your Ex Back, described by Amaris Silver Moon of Wiccan Spells. Wiccan spells can be found online and in print books.

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The Spell to Heal a Marriage or Relationship is suited for those who need to mend a broken union. For this spell, the spellcaster must have a white candle, a pink candle, a fireproof bowl, a lighter, a pen and paper and two pieces of string. The spellcaster writes two letters: one describing the relationship's problems and one detailing hopes for the future. Once this spell is cast, the spellcaster must dig a hole at a nearby tree and bury certain objects involved in the spell.

The Wiccan Spell to Increase Libido is apt for lovers who wish to augment their bedroom stamina. The spellcaster needs a photo of the partner who requires an increased libido, one white candle, four red candles, ylang ylang incense, three mint leaves, a red garnet stone and essential oil that reflects the spell caster’s astrological sign. Additionally, the spellcaster must be dressed in red.

The Wiccan White Magick Spell to Get Your Ex Back requires coarse sea salt, a photo of the ex-lover, five red candles, five strands of the ex's hair and one white candle inscribed with the ex-lover’s name. To amplify this spell's power, it must be cast every single evening of the week after a new moon.

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