How Do You Get Wi-Fi for Your Home?

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Setting up a Wi-Fi system requires hooking up a wireless router to the modem that provides Internet service. Some configuration of the router is required to secure the router from other wireless users, as well as to set the router’s name and the wireless key devices used to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Verizon offers Wi-Fi service for residential customers, and home users can also connect to hotspots outside of the home. Verizon provides high-speed options and expanded data packages that are chosen by the customer.

  1. Purchase and install a wireless router

    Install the wireless router by connecting it to the modem by an Ethernet cable. A specific port on the back of the router is designated for the connection. Once the device is powered on, access the Internet from the wireless router by use of the default code that comes with the device.

  2. Refer to the manual for model-specific information

    Refer to the manual of the device to determine if it requires a password or the use of specific software. If no default code is in the contents of the router’s box, connect the router to a computer with a wired Ethernet connector to change the settings. A default login and password, as well as an address to connect to the router, should be present in the manual or contents of the router’s box.

  3. Configure the router

    Change the default settings to protect your device from unwanted connections. Some models of routers come with software specifically designed to configure these settings for a fresh install; running software that comes with the wireless router may guide you through the process without the need for a manual connection to the router. If the router does not have quick-start software, you need a manual connection to change any settings.

  4. Manually connect to the router, if necessary

    Connect to the router for the first time by opening an Internet browser and putting the router’s address into the address bar. Upon connecting, enter a login or password to access the settings. Locate any information required to connect manually to the router in the instructions or a separate insert in the wireless router’s box. The manual shows where to find the settings needed to change your default password, the name of the router and the WPA key. Other devices need the WPA key to access a Wi-Fi connection. Once the key is set, other wireless devices can connect to the Internet by using the key.

Getting free Internet from FreedomPop requires visiting the company website and typing in the home address to see if the service is available in a given local area. If the service is available, users need to purchase a modem to connect to the Internet. However, watching videos and sending photos cost extra.

Those who desire higher speed Internet at a cheap price can choose NetZero. Combining an Internet plan with a phone plan is another option, and dial-up Internet is available for people who desire cheaper Internet.

Low-income customers may qualify for Internet access under certain programs. For instance, seniors can get an Internet Basics plan from provider CenturyLink. The program is available in many states around the country, and a high-speed DSL plan is offered at a low monthly cost. Other companies such as Comcast offer a low-income plan called Internet Essentials. Comcast also offers tiered Internet plans through its XFINITY service.