What Is a Wi-Fi Dongle?

A Wi-Fi dongle, also referred to as a wingle or a data card, is a portable device that can be plugged into a computer’s Ethernet port, providing mobile access to a finite amount of Internet data. These products can give users 3G or 4G connectivity speed, and they are offered by numerous companies and service providers at varying prices and service plans.

Most companies that offer Wi-Fi dongles allow users to either pay for a monthly plan to receive a certain amount of data for each month or to use a “pay-as-you-go” plan to pay for a desired amount of data and make subsequent payments for additional data in the future. Wi-Fi dongles can be very useful for people who rely on using Internet connectivity on more than one device in addition to their computer. Wi-Fi dongles are able to create a mobile Internet connection from virtually anywhere, allowing anyone with the Wi-Fi password to connect a mobile device. Some plans limit how many devices can simultaneously use the Wi-Fi dongle’s Internet connection.

Wi-Fi dongles are also popular because they usually don’t require any software installations in order to work. This makes the technology easy to use and very versatile. Data plans typically start at one gigabyte per month and can be as large as eight or more gigabytes, depending on the service provider and the plans it offers.