What Is White Lithium Grease Used For?

White lithium grease can be used for lubricating household products, garage doors and automobile applications. It is also known as lithium soap. It is non-corrosive and temperature-tolerant, and it is said to outperform other types of lubricants.

White lithium grease has multiple applications. It is great for using on sliding doors and windows, to prevent them from squeaking. It can protect metal against rust and corrosion. It is made from a high-quality base oil. Other types of grease do not withstand heavy loads, but white lithium grease can. Automobile mechanics use white lithium grease because it can withstand very high temperatures, unlike others.

White lithium grease is also used in marine applications to lubricate door hinges, steering cables and throttle and shaft linkages. Further, this lubricant is used to lubricate swivel brackets and loader winch gears. White lithium grease is made from oil and lithium soap and was first introduced following World War II.