How Does the “Wheel of Fortune” Game Show Work?

Doug Benc/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The “Wheel of Fortune” game show is based on the game “Hangman,” and the contestants take turns spinning the wheel and guessing letters in order to solve the puzzle. The puzzle categories include titles of movies, phrases and famous people.

Contestants spin the wheel in order to establish a monetary value for every correctly guessed letter. Correct guesses are revealed in the puzzle, and the contestant accumulates the established amount of money as well as the chance to guess again. Each contestant spins and guesses until an incorrect letter is chosen.

Only consonants are allowed to be guessed during regular play. Vowels are available for purchase at $250 each, as of 2015. When a contestant solves the puzzle, the round ends and that contestant gets to keep the money earned from guessing letters.

After the regular rounds, the person with the most money advances to the bonus round. A puzzle is displayed with a category, and the most commonly guessed letters are revealed as a head start. The contestant then chooses three consonants and a vowel, and they are revealed if in the puzzle. The player then has 10 seconds to solve the puzzle in order to win a cash prize or car.