Where Are Westek Timer Instructions Available?

Instructions for Westek timers are available online at AmerTac.com and WaterHeaterTimer.org. American Tack and Hardware Co. manufactures and distributes Westek timers for use in applications such as electric water heaters and fluorescent lighting control systems.

Westek timers are available at retail locations such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and TrueValue hardware stores, and online at Amazon.com, as of August 2015. The AmerTac website displays the company’s current line of timers. Customers needing instructions for other older models of Westek timers or additional information should contact the company directly.

Westek Electronics is a cable design and manufacturing company that specializes in equipment supplied to the aerospace, military, telecommunications and medical equipment industries. This company has no affiliation with AmerTac or Westek timers.