When Were Sagging Pants Invented?

were-sagging-pants-invented Credit: Dirk Anschutz/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The controversial practice of wearing sagging pants began in prisons and eventually worked its way into hip-hop culture. Although evidence of sagging dates back many centuries, it was not made an actual fashion statement until the 20th century, according to Snopes.com.

Sagging was adopted by rap artists including Ice-T and Too Short to enhance their "tough guy" image. By 1995, the practice of wearing sagging pants had become part of teen culture, and no one needed to be a rapper or hip-hop artist to wear the style. Some young fashion followers, like the music group Kriss Kross, took the baggy-pants trend further by wearing them backwards.

Various municipalities have tried to ban sagging pants. In 2005, the Virginia House of Delegates passed the so-called "droopy drawers bill," which would have imposed a fine on people who wore pants so low that their underwear could be seen; the bill died in a Senate committee.