What Were the Psalms That Were Written by King David?

David wrote Psalms 3 to 9, 11 to 32, 34 to 41, 68 to 70, 51 to 65,101, 86, 103, 108 to 110, 124, 122, 133, 131 and 138 to 145. He wrote a total of 73 Psalms.

Among the books of the Bible, the Book of Psalms, which is sometimes known as the Psalms of David, is the biggest and most commonly used with a total of 150 Psalms. David’s Psalms were about his life experiences as a musician, king, warrior and shepherd. Psalm 13 is about one of David’s most despondent moments, the time when he thought God had forsaken him.

David was the son of Jesse, a wealthy farmer. He was selected by God to be the King of Israel.