What Were Some of the Prophecies of Nostradamus?


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One prophecy of Nostradamus was that a young lion would defeat an older one in battle by piercing his eyes through a cage made of gold, killing the older lion after two wounds become one. Some think this predicted Henry II's death in a joust by Gabriel, comte de Montgomery.

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Another prophecy of Nostradamus was that there would be a fire in '66 which would claim the blood of the just and death among those of the same sect, during which an ancient lady would be toppled from her perch. Some think this prophesied the Great Fire of London that occurred on September 2, 1666. In this interpretation, the burnt blood of the just refers to the millions of flee-ridden rats who died during the fire, causing the elimination of the plague known as the Black Death.

One of the other Nostradamus predictions was that slaves held captive by nobility would offer chants, songs, and demands that later "idiots" would consider as divine wisdom. Some think this prophesied the French Revolution, during which the French people rose up against their aristocrats and took over Paris, storming the Bastille prison and kidnapping nobles while they did so. To punish the monarchy for the abuses of those held in the Bastille and other imagined crimes, the revolutionaries murdered some of their kidnapped nobility.

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