What Were the Popular Hairstyles in 2014?

The most popular hairstyles of 2014 included buns, braids, creative ponytails, pixie cuts, bobs and long waves. Many of the hairstyles also experimented with accessories, colors, partings and textures. Galleries of 2014 hairstyles are available at the Allure, Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar websites.

The Allure website offers a gallery of over 30 trendy hairstyles from 2014. Many of the top hairstyles of 2014 experimented with hair accessories, such as headbands and ribbons, while others played with colors and highlights. A popular color trend of the year was the subtle addition of pastel colors to ombre or light-colored hair. In many 2014 hairstyles, stylists paid special attention to the texture of the hair, with small changes to the texture creating dramatically different styles, such as messy topknots and sleek ballerina buns.

The Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar websites cover the seasonal hairstyle trends for 2014, including summer, fall and winter styles. Many of the summer styles, such as bobs, bohemian braids and long waves, emphasized natural waves and an effortless appearance. Fall trends of 2014 featured long waves like the previous season, with center parts, buns and topknots gaining popularity. The year’s earlier trends carried into winter hairstyles with the addition of loose updos. Some of the other styles in 2014 included semi-wet looks and retro hairstyles that played with partings, textures and volume.

Most hairstyles that were popular in 2014 were designed to be worn with medium-length to long hair. Simple up-dos were particularly common, including braids and top knots in which bands or bobby pins are used to secure excess hair. Straight center parts were also fairly common, as opposed to side parts in which part of the hair is flipped over to one side of the head.