What were the names of Pavlov's dogs?


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The names of Pavlov's dogs were Arap, Arleekin, Avgust, Bailak, Barbos, Box, Chingis Khan, Chyorny, Diana, Drujok, Ikar, Iks, Jack, Joy, Jurka, Krasavietz, Laska, Lyadi, Martik, Milkah, Milord, Moladietz, Murashka, Nord, Norka, Novichok, Pastrel, Pingiel, Rex, Rijiy I,Rijiy II, Rogdi, Ruslan, Tungus, Umnitza, Valiet and Zloday In total, there were 35 dogs.

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Pavlov's dogs became famous because they were taught to drool at the sound of a bell. Pavlov didn't stick to one specific breed of dog in his experiments; he used a variety of breeds and mixed breeds. Thanks to his experiments, Pavlov went on to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1904.

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