What Were the Jobs and Roles of Puritan Men in Society?

Puritan men had dominant roles in society and often took the lead in parenting and religious matters. They were considered to be heads of the household and held authority over their wives. However, Puritan society allowed for more equality among the sexes than other societies at the time. It was common for women to do as much and the same type of work as their husbands in Puritan society.

Since the Puritans believed in hard work and simple labor, many Puritan men lived off the land by raising crops and livestock. Additionally, men performed almost every conceivable job that was necessary for life and the betterment of the community during those times. Puritan men filled many essential roles in the community, including blacksmith, livery man and store clerk.

According to A Puritan’s Mind, Puritan men were pious and in charge of the spiritual well-being of their families. They led their families in religious devotions and prayer, and they ensured that their families attended church services every Sunday, which was mandatory in Puritan society. The failings and sins of the family reflected poorly on the Puritan man and spoke to his inability to successfully lead his family along a righteous path.