Who Were Jesus's Disciples?

were-jesus-s-disciples Credit: Angel Villalba/Moment Open/Getty Images

Jesus had 12 disciples whom he personally taught while he was alive and who followed Jesus to assist him in his teachings throughout modern day Israel. According to the Christian Bible, they are named Andrew, Bartholomew, James the Elder, James the Lesser, John, Judas, Matthew, Peter, Phillip, Simon and Thomas.

According to the Bible, the disciples were 12 men who learned from Jesus and walked closely with him during his time on Earth. These disciples were also referred to as apostles, which means "one who is sent out," in the Christian faith. The 12 men were ordinary people employed as fishermen and tax collectors among other things, but became powerful symbols of the Christian faith following the death and resurrection of Jesus.

There are varying amounts of information about each disciple throughout the New Testament of the Bible. It is known that James the Lesser is the younger brother of Jude. The disciples Andrew and Peter were also brothers, and according to the Bible, Andrew introduced Jesus to the other disciples. John is one of the most well known of the disciples. He wrote many of the books in the New Testament and was eventually banished to live on the island of Patmos. John and James the Elder were brothers.

Judas is known as the disciple who betrayed Jesus. According to the Bible, he led the Romans to Jesus so they could execute him. Matthew is the disciple who wrote the first book of the New Testament and was a tax collector. This was an important distinction because tax collectors were very unpopular in the first century. Peter is the most well-known disciple and is the founder of the modern Catholic church.