What Were Some of Edgar Cayce's Predictions About the End of the World?


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Edgar Cayce predicted that the discovery and opening of hall of records beneath the Sphinx in Egypt would presage the second coming of Jesus in 1998, thus initiating the end of the world. He additionally predicted that Armageddon, as described in the Bible, would begin in the year 1999.

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As a presage to Armageddon, Cayce said New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco would all be destroyed before the year 2000. Some advocates of Cayce's prophesies dismiss arguments that these dates have already passed by arguing that Jesus did return in 1998 but did so as a newborn child.

Cayce also predicted that the Great Lakes would join to form a single lake, that much of the western United States would sink into the ocean, and that the Mississippi River would alter its path by hundreds of miles.

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