What Were Some of Edgar Cayce's Predictions?


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Edgar Cayce was an American mystic who believed many things were going to come to pass in the near-to-medium future. While he postulated many notions, some of the more provocative of time included mortal longevity, further conflict in the Middle East, increased energy production/consumption and higher consciousness.

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Cayce, in keeping with the legacy of most mystics, continues to prove a contentious and controversial figure long after his death. Though his predictions range from vague to abstract rumination, his wide reading, curiosity and imagination were not without frequent inspiration. This accounts for his continued resonance, as well as that of his specific theories.

He believed mankind capable and entitled to longer life and saw this prolongation as apiece with the general trajectory of human scientific and social progress. He extended this evolutionary logic to energy as well, postulating that man would continue toward a completely self-sufficient energy system. While this has not yet come to pass as of 2015, scientists working in fusion, nanotechnology and electricity continue to make progress in efficiency.

Cayce also extended his thoughts to the geopolitical realm, positing that troubles in the Middle East would continue, with specific hot spots including Libya, Egypt and Syria. In the midst of all this, Cayce continued to see man as a species making progress as a collection of individuals, and that people would bear the seeds of their own progress. Even as the world changed, they would change with it.

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