What Were Some of the Economic Issues Faced by Americans in 2015?


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Some of the economic issues faced by Americans in 2015 include a decline in manufacturing and the accompanying reduction in American blue-collar jobs. In addition, income inequality continues to dampen the American economic outlook and create social upheaval.

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The decline in American manufacturing in the 21st century led to a trade deficit that reduced employment and job availability in the United States in 2015. The American economy also faces the threat of overseas competition for jobs. Other countries such as China and India have large available markets of young labor, and tax policies in these countries often lure American companies to move corporate headquarters or establish manufacturing and technological hubs overseas.

Another economic issue faced by Americans in 2015 is the aging population. As the baby-boomer generation enters retirement, many businesses and government entities have greater obligations for social security and pension payouts to retired workers. While these entities find a way to meet their financial obligations to older retirees, they also face a shortage of qualified younger workers to fill employment openings.

Americans continue to face the economic concern of fair wages. Consumer-price inflation accompanies the fair-wage debate as many Americans struggle to make ends meet and raise families. Increased national spending and a growing national debt also continue to worry long-term forecasters and economic analysts. Forecasters also worry about the strength of the U.S. dollar against other emerging currencies such as the Euro.

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