Who Were the Disciples of Jesus?


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Jesus 12 disciples included Andrew, Bartholomew/Nathanael, James the Elder, James the Younger and John. Others included Judas, Jude/Thaddeus, Matthew/Levi, Peter or Simon Peter and Philip. Two more were Simon the Zealot and Thomas.

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According to the Bible, the disciples were 12 men who learned from Jesus and walked closely with him during his time on Earth. These disciples were also referred to as apostles, which means "one who is sent out," in the Christian faith. The 12 men were ordinary people employed as fishermen and tax collectors among other things, but became powerful symbols of the Christian faith following the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Several of the disciples also wrote books of the Bible, such as Matthew. Judas, however, gained fame as the disciple who betrayed Jesus. According to Matthew 26, he told the chief priests where Jesus was hiding in exchange for 30 pieces of silver, which led to the capture and execution of Jesus. After the crucifixion of Jesus, Judas felt consumed with guilt and hung himself, as detailed in Matthew 27. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, the disciples dispersed to different lands in order to preach the gospel. Many of them also faced crucifixion for their actions and for professing the faith of Jesus, making them martyrs of the Christian faith.

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