What Were Ancient Hawaiian Symbols Used For?


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Ancient Hawaiian symbols are believed to have been used for purposes such as predictions, meditation, enlightenment and ritualistic initiations. Ancient Hawaiian civilizations did not use a written language before the coming of white men. A manuscript containing 36 symbols discovered in 1990 is believed to be from around 1860.

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Ancient Hawaiian symbols are believed to have been used not only to make predictions and interpret the clouds, but also for enlightenment. Researchers have documented that meditating on certain symbols in a certain order causes a shift in consciousness. This meditation technique has also been shown to create openings in the energy circuitry of the body.

According to Hawaiian historians, Uli is the goddess that rules over these symbols and creates the life force energy, called Mana. In Hawaiian culture, in order for the people, or Kahuna, to connect with the unseen, they must be initiated and use the symbols to invoke a god or goddess. Each goddess or god is an aspect of Uli and believed to enter the person being initiated. There are three different uses of the symbols, and they each correspond to a different god or goddess. Therefore, to achieve the highest benefit, the symbols must be used with the appropriate god or goddess aspect of Uli.

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