What Were Some Alleged Bigfoot Sightings in 2014?


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In 2014, some alleged Bigfoot sightings took place in Ohio, Missouri and Oklahoma during the months of May and July. Another alleged Bigfoot sighting took place in July 2014 in Warren, Illinois, and there was one in Navajo County, Arizona, in April 2014.

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One alleged Bigfoot sighting took place in July 2014 in Kalkaska County, Michigan. A man and his son were outside one night at their rural camp. The man was bleaching the outer walls of his cabin, when he noticed that someone appeared to be throwing rocks at his shed, which stood a few feet away from him. At first he thought his son was playing a joke on him, until he noticed his son on his cellphone in the car, in the opposite direction from which the rocks were coming. The man collected his son, told him what was going on, and they both went inside. Not long after, through his dining room window, the man saw a large, dark figure move across his driveway and behind his truck. This figure looked like the creature commonly known as Bigfoot. After this sighting, the man and his son counted as over 20 more rocks hit their cabin, and the activity died down shortly after that.

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