Who Are Some Well-Known UK Psychics?

well-known-uk-psychics Credit: Tyler E Nixon/Getty Images

Some well-known UK psychics include Sasha Fenton, Russel Grant, Derren Brown, Rupert Sheldrake and Zak Martin. Other prominent UK psychics are Rosa Derriviere, Sally Morgan, Amadai and Matthew Manning.

Sasha Fenton is a professional astrologist, tarot card reader and palmist. She has also written over 100 books and sold over five million in copies. She has taught, lectured and appeared in television broadcasts all over the world. As of 2015, she and her husband run two publishing companies, Zambezi Publishing Ltd. and Stellium Ltd.

Russel Grant was born in Middlesex in 1951. He works as an astrologer and media personality. Grant began his media career in 1979 appearing on "Extraordinary," and went on to appear on "Live from Two," "Breakfast Time," "Good Morning Britain" and "After Nine." He offers horoscopes to newspapers and over the telephone, and since 2010, also offers a pet psychic service.

Derren Brown is a psychological illusionist who has been appearing on television since 2000. In addition to his own show "Derren Brown: Mind Control," he has also appeared on "Trick of the Mind" and "Trick or Treat." His is also a stage performer and author of several books written for fellow magicians as well as the general public.