Who Are Some of the Most Well-Known Female Irish Saints?

One of the most well-known female Irish saints is Brigid of Kildare. Some other well-known female Irish saints are Saint Athracht, Saint Bega, Saint Breage and Saint Bronach.

Saint Brigid of Kildare, along with Saint Patrick, is one of the patron saints of Ireland. She is credited with founding the monastic tradition for nuns and with several miracles.

Saint Athracht is the patron saint of the parish of Locha Techet (Lough Gara) and Tourlestrane, County Sligo, Ireland. Saint Bega was a medieval princess who, valuing virginity, fled from an arranged marriage to a Viking prince and is associated with several miracles. Saint Breage, a fifth or sixth century nun, was a disciple of Saint Brigid and founded a church in Cornwall. Saint Brónach was a disciple of Saint Patrick and built a refuge for shipwrecked sailors in Carlingford Lough. Saint Buriana was an Irish princess who became a missionary to convert the people of Cornwall to Christianity.