How Do You Welcome People to a Church Program?

To welcome people to a church program, greet the individuals at the door with a smile, handshake and welcoming phrase, such as "We are glad you could join us today." Church members can also welcome visitors with a small gift, prayer book and welcoming speech at the start of the service.

One of the most effective gestures to welcome people to a new place of worship is to show genuine hospitality. The members of the welcome committee must introduce themselves, include the newcomers in conversations, invite them to church events and display a friendly stature with kind words and information about the church family. The welcome should not feel chaotic or overwhelming for those entering the church. Therefore, taking a new parishioner to the side to discuss details about the church may be more effective than blocking the front entrance with a loud discussion that may make the newcomer feel targeted.

The minister or a lead church member should deliver a welcome address at the start of the service. The welcome speech may outline the mission of the church, accomplishments and humanitarian efforts of the church members, and a call to action to encourage new members to evangelize and spread the news about the church's programs and volunteer missions.