What Are Some Weird Russian Laws?


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Some weird Russian laws include a ban on profanity in media, a ban on the distribution of gay literature and a monetary fine for driving a dirty car. These Russian laws range from offbeat to socially oppressive.

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Russia passed a law in 2014 banning all use of profanity in arts and media, including television, radio, film and theater. The law dictates that both individuals and organizations can be fined for producing or participating in media that features swearing. Under the law, books containing profanity are required to feature a warning sticker on the cover. Russia also has laws that prevent online bloggers from using profanity.

In 2013, the country passed a controversial law banning the distribution of “propaganda of untraditional sexual relations to minors,” an ambiguous act that has been used to regulate LGBT expression in various ways. The law has seen activists fined for holding up pro-LGBT signs at rallies, newspapers fined for printing interviews with gays and board game companies fined for manufacturing children’s games that depict same-sex relationships. The law has also caused difficulties for LGBT organizations attempting to book venues for events.

On the lighter side of Russian law, driving a dirty car around can be punished by a small fine. The law does not stipulate the cleanliness standards by which the law is judged.

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