What Is the Weight of Gravel Per Cubic Yard?

The weight of gravel per cubic yard is approximately 2,970 pounds, or 1.48 tons, if the gravel is dry. If the gravel is out of water, the weight per cubic yard is approximately 1,620 pounds or .81 tons.

Comparatively, other building materials are much heavier or much lighter. Some heavy contribution materials include andesine stone, at 4,887 pounds per cubic yard, basalt rock at 4,887 pounds per cubic yard, and solid marble at 4,455 pounds per cubic yard. One of the heaviest construction materials of all is trap stone at 5,849 pounds per cubic yard.

Some lighter construction materials include bituminous coal at 1,275 pounds per cubic yard, ashes at 1,080 pounds per cubic yard, and coke at 837 pounds per cubic yard.

Gravel typically comes in two types, granular and pebble gravel. Gravel’s typical composition is that of rock fragments that are unconsolidated. Uses of gravel can range from the construction of roads to concrete manufacturing. The rocks that gravel are made from are usually from weathered and eroded rocks. Gravel pits in quarries are common in both England and the United States. Currently the United States is the largest producer of gravel, as well as the largest consumer.