Which Websites Have Free Online Word Searches?

WordGames.com, Games.AARP.org and GreatDayGames.com all have free online word search games. Word search games involve finding words hidden in large grids of letters. The words can run from left to right, from right to left, up-down, down-up and diagonally. The words in a word search puzzle usually pertain to a theme, such as flowers or Hollywood.

WordGames.com has a number of word search games, including a daily word search at easy, medium and hard levels, a word search where the player can choose the theme and timed word searches.

AARP.org offers a series of timed word searches. Completing each word search within the time limit takes the player up a level to a harder word search.

The word search game at GreatDayGames.com is another timed series, but here the player earns points and gets treats for the points.

A person wishing to create her own word search games can do so at Puzzle-Maker.com. The person types in a game title and, if desired, a subtitle. She has the option to enter a list of words for the word search into a box, or she can enter a word list with a clue for each word. The player would see “Dancer with a tutu” as a clue for the search word “Ballerina,” for example. Clicking the “Create Puzzle” button generates the word search grid and word or clue list.