What Websites Offer Free Online Bible Study Classes?

What Websites Offer Free Online Bible Study Classes?

The websites of Christian Broadcasting Network, Jordan Park Church of Christ and This Is Your Bible offer free online bible study classes. The website of International Bible Teaching Ministries also offers bible study classes for free.

Christian Broadcasting Network offers courses on various topics including biblical guidance for finances and online evangelism. Participants can take courses to learn the basics of the religion and how to form a relationship with Jesus. In addition, participants can take a course to learn who Jesus is and how they can experience His presence.

Jordan Park Church of Christ offers a series of bible survey lessons. Students learn God’s plan of salvation for sinners and how they can become members of His family. Jordan Park Church of Christ’s website provides students access to one of four English bible versions.

On This Is Your Bible’s website, visitors can take online courses and ask questions on topics related to the bible. Courses are appropriate for beginners and experienced bible readers.

International Bible Teaching Ministries offers free bible study courses online. The lessons are based on the New King James translation of the Scriptures. Students also get to work with a teacher via email. Students can enroll for the program online and return to the website to choose the next lessons in their current courses. Participants who successfully pass the course receive certificates of completion.