What Are Some Ways to Use Sacred Heart of Jesus Images?


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A few ways to use the sacred heart of Jesus image is to have it framed in posters, wall tapestries or paintings. Other ways include incorporating it into jewelry or stained glass.

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The sacred heart of Jesus image can be incorporated into children's toys such as small dolls and puzzles. These are useful as educational toys. The image is a good option for calendars and planners or as the cover for yearly diaries and devotionals. The image works well in various kinds of religion-based jewelry such as cross pendants, brooches, medals and belts. It also makes for good religion-themed decor with articles such as table centerpiece mosaics, stained glass door panels and windows and even candles. Other uses include as rosary beads, on rosary pouches or as small figurines to be placed in a home shrine.

The practice of devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus is a well-known aspect of the Roman Catholic church. The physical heart of Jesus is treated as a spiritual symbol that represents his love and compassion for humanity. A few Lutheran and Anglican churches also place a lot of importance on the sacred heart. "Sacred Heart" is a popular name for Catholic institutions such as hospitals, colleges and schools, and religious orders.

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